Don’t take our word for it. Watch testimonials’s of actual clients giving their review of Mitchell Dean Homes. From granite choices to wood floors and more. Get their take on what happen during the building process.

The Becks’s

Hilary Turley

The Kearl’s

The Baird Family Remodel

The Godsey’s

The Bollschweiler’s

The Neiderhausers

The Emerys

“There is no way we would be able to have this house without Mitchell Dean Homes!”

The Bells

“They were comfortable in allowing us to change to get the house we wanted!”

The Sullivans

“As soon as we met with Mitchell Dean we felt like they understood what we wanted”

The StJohns

“I like it that I was able to get my music room!”

The Hamiltons

“I thought they were too good to be true but then found out they weren’t!”

The Risenmays

“Everything turned out exactly what we wanted! It’s just the perfect home for us!”

The Building Process

“he told us our home would be done in 3 months and it was!”  The Hansens

The Hicks

“We even changed a few things along the way and that’s another amazing thing about Mitchell Dean”

The Jensens

“I loved working with Mitchell Dean.  They made the process easy!”

The Bakers

“My favorite part is that we got to design our home! We were able to put in the features that we wanted”

The Rufs

“I enjoyed the fact that Mitchell Dean was done on time and they stayed on budget”

The Hansens

“Mitchell Dean went to great extremes to give us the master bath we have always wanted!”

Who We Are

“rather than take our word for it, listen to those we have built for”