Suggested Features that are included

In order for you to compare pricing, Mitchell Dean Homes chose to start with this list of suggested features. Because Mitchell Dean Homes is going to build YOUR home with YOUR selections, then changing from this list to exactly what you want is simple and easy! You want slate tile in your master shower…no problem! We will compare the price of the feature in this suggested feature list with the estimate for what you want and we simply adjust your final estimate to include the difference in price! its that easy! No price mark up, no huge upgrade charges, no change fees!

Mitchell Dean Homes is about what YOU want! Our suggested features are just that…suggestions…a place to start for your home. But if you want something else…no problem! Mitchell Dean doesn’t really have ‘upgrades’ because that always seems to mean EXPENSIVE!! Instead you tell us what you want and you will only be charged the difference between what’s included and what you want. How easy is that! And so you don’t feel the pressure to make all your decisions right up front, that process of making a change is consistent throughout the building process! CLICK IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER.
Click here to download the “Suggested Features” pdf.